A once monthly, gathering of quilters & crafter's, begins at 9, (get there when you want to), ends at midnight, (leave before if you want to!) we chat, laugh, watch YouTube videos, talk about projects, share ideas, shop (of course), watch Donna on whats she's up to next, entertain Izzy, (until she falls asleep), and order food for supper. Its an amazing group of newbies and seasoned friends who just bring what they want to work on, (some of us bring many different projects) machines, thread, seam rippers, rotary cutters, rulers etc. Of course there is always one of us (me, usually) who forgets something and there is always someone, who has an extra to lend.

 Personally, I enjoy watching people, seeing how they make their project how they teach themselves a new technique, and how, like me, often stick their tongues out slightly when working! (you know who you are!). 

A fantastic group who have made my visits to Huntsville Sew and Vac a joyful, memorable one. 

Join in, make new friends, laugh at silly stuff, maybe even learn something new.

Keep your eyes on the calendar for the next session, we post it as soon as we know when its going to be.

Sew, until next time, keep sewing and watch that bobbin thread..