Have you ever wondered how some people just have that 'knack' for putting colors together? With so many fabric lines in the store we are blessed that they come in different groupings. However, when you look at the beautiful batiks that this fall table runner is made up of, its easy to see why she choose these colors! the most beautiful oranges I have ever seen, and that gorgeous contrasting border, with a splash of green for the stems. Just reminds me of fall days, and walking the dog through the leaves, listening to them crunch under foot as they slowly dry out, waiting for the next season to start. Did you know that you shouldn't rake up your leaves, you should leave them as an abundance of wildlife lay their eggs and make nests in the leaves, although it might look neater in your yard, if you leave a little bunch in the yard for the caterpillars to evolve. So, did you choose your colors yet for the table runner,  I can't wait to make mine, can you?