20171009_13090420171009_13100120171009_130934Its hard to say how we come up with the ideas we do. How we decided one day that our store looked fabulous, then the next day its all turned around! We did that very thing this week, and weekend, working and owning a retail store is not as glamorous as you might think!

We came back from Vegas with lots of thoughts in our head. One of those was the new PFAFF Creative Icon, and bringing that in the store was an eye opener! We also, on the same weekend, had a delivery from our good friends at Unique Sewing Furniture, delivering  the most beautiful, handmade, custom cabinets and drawers. I am so excited about how these cabinets fit our machines exactly. The risers are handmade the cabinets are on twin wheel plate casters. The cabinets are available in Oak, Birch, Cherry, Hickory and Mahogany. The bottom drawer accommodates the embroidery module. The drawers are on slow close mechanism, and the handles are solid and come in a variety of colors. Companion Chest is available to hold spools of thread, hoops and supplies. 

Well, we have nearly cleared the Christmas tree of goodies off, it has been a great sale for all involved, I'm sure we have got ourselves and our friends some bargains We are continuing our sale on these items until this week, don't forget to check out the Janet Haskins magazines, they are also greatly reduced. 

Back to it, hope you all have a great week, and we are thankful for friends and customers like you!

Take a trip to the Gardendale Store, its closing its door for the last time on the 21st of this month, don't miss out on some great deals, we don't want to bring anything from there here so, shop, shop, shop!!!!

From me and Izzy, see you later. Dont forget to sign up fpr the newsletter, I promise we dont send out alot, and we don't share your information with anyone. Also, like our facebook page, we are looking to hit more likes every week, invite your friends to like our page too!